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The EZ42 Series units are designed and manufactured for new construction or the replacement of existing Amana, GE, LG, Friedrich, Gree, Trane and all other 42” by 16” PTACs & PTHPs. The product is designed for individually-zoned, comfort-controlled heating and cooling. The unit width is an industry standard 42”. We offer our cooling chassis to operate with cooling only or heat pump with back up electric heat, or just straight electric heat.


Islandaire EZ Series NY is our 42” x 16” new construction model and a replacement for any 42” x 16” unit with hydronic heat. We can replace the McQuay PDNS and PDAN and the Amana and Trane hydronic heat PTAC. Our commercial duty construction with heavy gauge galvanized steel and superior components create an e cient reliable unit. This design eliminates the need for any interior or exterior renovation. Use of the existing wall sleeve-cabinet and louver saves time and money, two very important factors in today’s competitive environment.

EZ LA (Low Ambient) Series

Islandaire EZLA “Low Ambient” Series is our 42” x 16”, new construction, packaged terminal heat pump (PTHP). Its variable motor speed compressor provides variable refrigerant flow (VRF), rather than standard on/off operation. By operating at varying flow rates, VRF units work only at the needed capacity allowing for substantial energy savings under changing load conditions. The EZLA heat pump is specifically designed for colder climates where low ambient temperature operation is required.

Best Performance

Under real-world conditions, the modulating inverter chassis eliminates the inefficient start/stop cycles of the compressor.

Incredibly Quiet

The inverter compressor, condenser fan, and evaporator fan adjust their speeds to match the room's cooling and heating demands, resulting in reduced operating noise levels.

Consistent Dehumification

Modulating inverter technology maintains a cold condensing evaporator coil during part-load conditions, ensuring comfortable humidity levels and eliminating clamminess in humid environments.


The EZ4V Series Inverter Heatpump incorporates state-of-the-art inverter technology, and it fits into standard 16” x 42” PTAC wall sleeves. The technology is the culmination of years of research to develop a PTAC to clearly lead the market with the low energy consumption and low sound levels. Dramatic energy savings and sound reduction is achieved by modulating the output of the PTAC to match the cooling or heating demands of the room, eliminating costly and noisy compressor cycling.


Islandaire EZ Series LT is our 42” x 16” new construction model. This unit is specifically designed for low noise transmission, with Outdoor–Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) rating of 28, and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 37. Our commercial duty construction with heavy gauge galvanized steel and superior components create an efficient reliable unit. The attached Sound Test Report covers all BTU/voltage capacities, controls and air patterns.


The Dr. PTAC system is an add on system to our standard PTAC unit to provide conditioned make up air into a space thru the PTAC unit by providing up to 55 CFM of outdoor air 24/7 by forced fan and cycling dehumidifier compressor based on outdoor relative humidity levels. Dr. PTAC was created to solve issues with dehumidification in rooms and to introduce fresh air due to deficiencies of oxygen levels. Dr. PTAC is not only a PTAC but a Conditioned Make Up Air unit.

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